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Forest Travel reviews amazing St. Petersburg Florida, as an excellent vacation destination for all types of travelers. Forest Travel reviews often offer tips and other helpful information on locations and destinations our members might enjoy.

Forest Travel explains that many places in Florida are known for sunny warm weather and numerous outdoor activities. However, the amazing beaches in St. Petersburg help make it one of the best places to take a casual drive or stroll along its coastline.

Forest Travel Reviews Amazing St. Petersburg Florida 3

Forest Travel Reviews Amazing St. Petersburg Florida

Starting at St. Petersburg Dr. is a perfect way to spend a fun day with the kids or a date night with your spouse. This coastal drive offers convenience and luxury with one of Florida’s best beaches to your one side and all of the restaurants, shopping, and nightlife you could want to the other.

According to many Forest Travel reviews, many travelers choose to simply pick a spot to lay their blankets and towels on the sand for an afternoon of people-watching and having fun. If you get bored or want to move around, try renting a Segway from one of the many shops. Some can be rented as part of a guided tour, while others allow you to go wherever you like during your rental period.

St Petersburg, Florida USA

Forest Travel Reviews Recommend The Dali Museum

While in St. Petersburg, be sure to visit The Dali Museum. This new state-of-the-art museum is dedicated to the artist Salvador Dali, and with good reason. Contained within is the most extensive collection of surreal Dali paintings in America. The new building design is inspired by his art, creating a kind of building that is an entire art installation in itself, with glass domes and spiral staircases mimicking the artist’s work.

Forest Travel Reviews Amazing St. Petersburg Florida

If Dali is not your style, be sure to check out the traveling galleries dedicated to current and modern artists from around the world. With all the art in this fantastic place, be sure to visit the Hologram Portrait of Alice Cooper’s Brain for an extra dose of the surreal.

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